Silicon Coolent Hoses

Jayashree Polymers make variety of silicon hoses in the dedicated plant at Chakan Industrial area in Pune city for several years. Silicon Hoses are made with Polyester / Nylon or Aramid Fabric in single ply to 5 play depending on the application and customer specifications. The silicon hoses are highly resistant to hardening, good compression set & ozone resistant . They have very long life and hence reducing maintenance problems.

Temperature range: -56 to + 180 degrees Celsius (-70 to + 350 Fahrenheit) Silicon Rubber is imported from Wacker/DOW/ Momentive & no local made material used in our production
Our standard Silicon Hoses meet the requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A Meta-Aramid fabric is imported from UK
We can offer different colour / shape for silicon Hoses ( Blue / Red etc ) Highly skilled work forces in silicon hand build line to ensure consistency and workmanship for every hoses shipped out of Jayashree.
Glossy finish & Mat finish available 100% Hoses are leakage tested before shipments
We have in our range straight silicon hoses, Straight Reducers, Elbows with 45/90/135 degree and other special angle based on customer requirements.

Silicon Hoses Products

Turbo Hose
Silicon Hose
Silicon Hose
Silicon Hose

Charge Air Cooler Hoses (CAC)

Jayashree is offering CAC silicon Hoses for leading OEMs in India & abroad. Our CAC hoses are produced with stringent functional requirements & passed long life cycle tests by OEMs & 3rd party Labs. Some of the key features of our CAC hoses are :-

The hoses are ideal for connections between engine mounted charge air cooler system Temperature range: -56 to + 250 degrees Celsius (-70 to + 500 Fahrenheit) if reinforced with meta-aramid, or
Temperature range: -56 to + 180 degrees Celsius (-70 to + 350 Fahrenheit), if reinforced with Polyester) Available with the option of Fluoro-silicone or FKM inner lining, for added oil/acid fuel resistance
They come in a range of straight, shaped or convoluted shapes, as required. The convoluted shapes are required when there are slight mis-alignments during fitment or functioning. The hoses are flexible enough to endure the vibrations caused due to these mis- alignments/compressions/3-axial movements.