We are specialized in producing rubber to substrate molded parts for the last 30 years. We can mould Rubber to Plastic, Rubber to sheet metal, casting, brass and any other substrates. Our factory is equipped with all surface treatment facilities like phosphatizing, automated bonding agent application, shot blasting, sand blasting, aluminum oxide blasting, paint booth etc to facilitate the metal to substrate molding and its validation. Some of the typical products we makes are Rubber mountings & Anti Vibration Pads, Engine Mounts, Bushing, Silent Blocks, Street pads, Chain Guides and any other parts as per customer requirements. We follow either transfer molding or injection molding process for producing metal to rubber bonded components for better process capability & product reliability.

Metal To Rubber Molded Components Products

Adaptor Carburator
Chain Guides
Chain Guides
Engine Mounts
Anti Vibration Mount
Silent Block
Cable Grommet