We produce Nylon tube forming and assemblies with Quick Fix Connectors(QFC) and produce Fuel Lines for 4 wheeler industry as well as 2 Wheeler industry. The Nylon tube forming is done though hot air oven as well as steam vulcanizing process . The tubes are sourced from reputed manufactures from India/ aboard based on specifications like mono layer , multi layer, corrugated and braided Poly Amide tubes. We use cold insertion technique to assembly of PA-12 tubes with connectors.

Nylon Tube Assembly Products

Nylon Tube Assy
Nylon Tube Assy
Nylon Tube Assy
Fuel Injected Pipe
FTP – Nylon Tubes
Multi-layer Tube
Monolayer Tube
Fuel Tube With Both Side Connector
Monolayer Tube With Hose and Connector