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Production Process :-
Raw material Mixing :-

Jayashree has introduced automated chemical weighing system in our centralized Rubber mixing unit to ensure the quality of mixing :- the most critical process in rubber product manufacturing. The mixing is done by using dispersion Kneader and open roll mixing mill technology. The Dispersion Analyzer will ensure the quality of carbon dispersion in the mixing process We are processing all type of synthetic rubbers at Jayashree apart from Natural Rubber.

Moulding : -

The plant is equipped with most advanced and fully automatic lines comprising of Injection moulding machines, Vacuum compression cum transfer Molding machines and other supporting facilities. For Rubber to substrate molding, we have shot blasting, sand blasting, aluminum oxide basting for plastics , phosphating & automatic bonding agent application cell .
Hose / Fuel Tube Manufacturing :

Extrusion line with cold feed extruders , Knitting & braiding machines, Vulcanizes , automatic tube cutting machines , micro wave extrusion line for solid and sponge profiles suitable for various industrial requirements. Fuel Tube line is equipped with co-extruders for producing multi layer tubes with different raw materials. Cross Head extruders provided to manufacture multi layer hoses with Rubber and Fabric for various applications like Radiator , Heater , Gas , Fuel lines , Brakes etc. Automatic Leakage checking fixtures are implemented for the 100% leakage testing of critical Hoses. Calendaring machines are available for rubber coating on Fabric like Kevlar , Polyester and Fibre Glass for Turbo application hoses.
Assembly Facility :

Semi automated & manual assembly set up for making sub assemblies for our customers . Jayashree is producing sub assemblies for Hydro mounts , Fuel Lines etc today and we plan to upgrade ourselves as a system supplier to OE companies in future.
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